What Makes A Woman Attractive?

What Makes A Woman Attractive?

What makes a woman attractive to a man?

There is an old adage that there is something beautiful in every woman, you just have to find it. That should give you an idea of how many things men find sexy in women. Having said that, there are some common things to take note of when trying to figure out what makes a woman attractive.

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What Makes A Woman Attractive?: Take Note!

Your curves – Just about every man is either a breast man, a butt man or both. Pure and simple, it is just the animal in them that immediately draws their eyes to one or both of these areas. If you have a great chest, make sure you highlight it in the clothes that you wear when you are looking to find your man.

If you have a great butt, make sure he sees it. Whether you are wearing tight jeans that show off your figure or just making sure that he is watching when you go the bathroom and shake in that oh so special way, show it off.After all, you have to be physically attractive to him to get the game started, so start the battle with a loaded gun!

Your lips -Men are also obsessed with lips. Look at the amount of Google hits for Angelina Jolie and you will quickly see what we are talking about. Sexy lips are just way too hard for a man to look away from or not notice. They are the epitome of defining sex for men as those lips are going to be kissing his lips and if he is lucky, a little bit more! Whatever you can do to enhance their appearance will have them coming out of the woodwork for you.I have even heard of many men refering to particular women as “BJ lips” meaning… blow job lips. As insulting as that sounds, it further goes to show that men are attracted to your lips.

Your personality -Now that we have covered some of the physical aspects of what makes a woman attractive, how about the mental aspect of it. Once you get him sitting next to you, you have to keep him there.

The first thing you need to do is be yourself. Men can usually tell when you are faking it as you make some awkward comment thinking you know what you are talking about because it is of interest to him. If you don’t know about it, ask him about it and let him teach you before making a foolish statement that has him looking at you like you have 20 heads coming off of your neck.

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Your intelligence -Regardless of what you are hearing, men love intelligent women. The girl that is as dumb as a box of hair is great for a one night stand, but hardly the type of woman that he wants to be around his friends and family. Don’t be a know it all, but don’t play stupid either. He will know pretty quickly if he plans on a one night stand or you have the possibility of something more.

Don’t ever change who you are for a man. You may be highlighting some of your characteristics, but they are still you. Any man that can’t appreciate you for what you are doesn’t deserve you in the first place!

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