What Do Men Find Attractive In A Woman

What Do Men Find Attractive In A Woman

What men find attractive in a woman may depend on the reason he wants to be attractive to her. The traits that he would want in a woman he for casual sex are different to what he would be looking for in a woman he wanted to form a lasting relationship with. Let’s take a neutral ground here and list the top 10 things men find attractive in a woman in a more general context, not in any particular order. To Discover The Secrets On How To Catch A Keep A Man’s Heart, Click Here For A Step By Step Guide.

Now, before you read the list, it’s important to understand that you need to first make yourself the most attractive person you can be on the inside first. The 10 tips I list below deal with more superficial things and they are only important or ever come into play afer you get what I’m going to tell you now:

Men find it attractive when you let him know that you are interested in being more than just “friends” -This is very important, because guys are unfortunately simply creatures at times and do not know that you like him and wouldn’t mind moving it to the next level. So if he doesn’t get it you have to hint to him that you might want to be more than just friends. How do you go about doing this? Well you need to flirt with him and constantly tease him about little things in a cute way that will make him think “hmmm… does this girl kind of like me or…?

Being a woman -I know this might sound politically incorrect, however men are attracted to women, who actually act like women. Think about this. Are you attracted to men who care more about their physical appearance than you? I don’t think so… the reason for this is because both genders have a role to play in a relationship in order for it to work. That is why if you want to attract men, and want to know what do men find attractive in a woman, well you need to know this. Guys like girls who act like girls.

Having self respect and dignity -No one likes a person who does not respect themself. That is why it’s very important to not let the guy that you want to date have the impression that you do not respect yourself. People are not attracted to other people who do not value themselves, so it’s vital that you keep this in mind if you want to get the attention of men.

Being a challenge -everyone loves a challenge. It has been said that the easier you get something the less likely you are to cherish and value it. This cannot be more truer in the relationship arena. That is why you should focus on being a challenge so that when the guy finally gets you, he will cherish you. Also, keep in mind that once you two are together, please don’t become a boring person who is not fun. Be that vigrant, fun, entertaining girl who is always teasing and being playful.

Once you understand the things that men find attractive in a woman on the inside, here are the top 10 things that a man finds attractive in a woman on the outside…

1. Confidence- a confident woman looks attractive; she can make eye-contact comfortably, smiles easily and appears at ease in any company. She would be easy to talk to and get to know better.

2. Smile- men are attracted to women who are fun to be with and a smile indicates that she is a happy, fun-living person. A genuine smile lights up the whole face and make the woman look more attractive.

3. Femininity- men are attracted to a woman who is feminine, looks and acts like a woman. She doesn’t need to be fragile and weak, just feminine. Learn How To Figure Out Men Through FEE Videos! Click Here!

4Sense of humor- a woman with a sense of humor is fun to be around. She is prepared to laugh at herself and enjoy a joke with you. She can be serious, but doesn’t take life too seriously.

5. Personality- men like a woman who is confident in her abilities, have a happy personality, is not too needy and appears able to take care of herself. She would be caring, capable and understanding. If you want to find out more about what do men find attractive in a woman, then you should check out this dating guide (that actually works!), check it out here: Attract Men Guide.  ^.^

6. Eyes -“the eyes are the windows to the soul” and you can tell much about a person by their eyes. When she smiles, it will show in her eyes. When she is happy, contented, interested, her eyes will reflect it.

7. Voice- men expect a woman’s voice to express her femininity. She will speak clearly and with confidence but not too loudly. Her voice will not call undue attention to herself.

8. Body- contrary to popular belief, the shape of a woman’s body is not a highly-rated trait. Men love to look at women’s bodies, particularly if they are well endowed or have a really trim body. A man would like a woman to be attractive and to take care of her appearance, but he isn’t always looking for a buxom beauty.

9. Attitude- men find attractive women have a relaxed, natural attitude to people and life. They are not looking for a high-maintenance woman.

10. Hair- it seems that men prefer a woman with long hair, preferably straight. Color is less important, but blonde and red are favorites with many men. This list of what men find attractive in a woman may help many woman make themselves more attractive to their men. If you want tips about what do men find attractive in a woman, be sure to sign up to my 6 part dating mini course made just for girls like you! ^.^