What Attracts Men

What Attracts Men?

If you are out there looking for a guy, the first thing you have to know is what attracts men to women. If you’re sending all the wrong signals, you will be scaring them all off and will have a shot of landing a man. You have to make sure your body language and actions are giving off the right signals to the right guy.

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What Attracts Men?: Things To Notice

d19fa2207f6cc0eeb91b0f4fa9dcc939Look at his eyes

One of the first things that men notice about women is their eyes. This is usually the first point of contact as no man in his right mind is going to walk up to a woman that isn’t looking him in his face. A woman can say so much with her eyes that they are a clear window for a man to look directly into them and see what they’re all about. Looking directly at him will show signs of confidence, while glancing away can either be disinterest or nervousness.


4d9ef44d28b1a8ad9bde1735fee5713aThey love your legs

All men love a nice set of legs. The moment they stop gazing at your eyes they look straight down to what you walk around on all day. If your legs are one of your best features, you’re going to want to wear clothing that draws attention to your best asset. Wearing a nice skirt and a sexy pair of boots will go a long way in getting the attention of just about every man in a room. The more men that you attract, the more you have to choose from.

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Believe it or not, intelligence attracts men to women. This is not to say that there isn’t a fair share of shallow idiots out there, but any man that you are considering in any type of relationship will appreciate a woman who is intelligent. Those great looks are only good for so long, sooner or later you have to keep his attention over dinner. Intelligence goes a long way, it is something you’re going to want to let him know about right away.




Another thing that attracts men to women is a little bit cockiness and confidence. Men like a challenge in any woman that can provide him with just enough attitude that will let him know you may be interested but that you’re no pushover will definitely get his attention. Don’t over do it and only use it at the appropriate times, but pushing his buttons at the right time will keep his interest and can make for a lot of fun evenings.


It’s not brain surgery when you’re trying to figure out what attracts men, you just have to start thinking like one and you’ll quickly be attracting more than your fair share.

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