What Attracts Men to Women

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What Attracts Men To Women

So what attracts men to women?The simple answer is the physical, but that is no more true for every man than saying Brad Pitt is the ideal of all women.

No, the truth is much more intangible than that, and can never be held as universally true.

There are men who will chase the visceral and not care if beauty is accompanied by vapid-ness, while others will see the inner beauty of a gentle soul; still others want a freak to fulfill their sexual desires. Quality men, however, will focus on a melange of all of these attributes.

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What Attracts Men To Women: Secrets Revealed!

If you want the man of your dreams consider the following. These will not necessarily land him, but will keep him once you have found him.

Self Respect - Respect yourself! Above anything else he wants to know that you were not a waste of time, so cut out the negativity. Maybe you want to be reassured that he still finds you beautiful, but consistently talking about how fat you’ve gotten will only serve to make him reconsider whether you were the best he could get.

Compliment him - a good man is going to want the woman he calls his to compliment him. Never, play dumb to get a man! He won’t respect you, and worse he’ll be right to take you for granted.

If a man is scared by your intelligence you should move on, he’s not worth your time. There is also truth in a man wanting his lady to challenge him to be better. He wants to feel that he can confide in you and rely on your advice, if you present as stupid he will grow bored and move on to a more stimulating relationship.

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Like my mom said to me,”Why would he buy the cow if he can get the milk for free?” Don’t give yourself up too quickly if you want a relationship to last. It may not be fair, but if he comes to see you as easy, he will not want to stay with you. Part of this may be fear that if you gave it up to him, that you are sleeping with the entire neighborhood.

You deserve better, so make sure that he works to earn your love and then your lust. Another favorite of my mother’s, “Love before lust, never bust.”

The tricky part with sex comes when even with the best intentions a man will lose interest if he feels he is getting nowhere. I do not advocate any tired x dates rules. I say allow a relationship to grow organically and to travel its own course. But when sex does seem appropriate, most men will appreciate an active partner to one who is passive.

Let him know what you like, how you like it, and what he can do for you. Men are turned on by a woman that is comfortable with her sexuality, all the more so once they know you aren’t on the corner throwing it out there for anyone who passes by.

What attracts a man to a woman? The question has as many answers as there are men. But I make sure I present a classy, elegant surface with just enough wild child mixed in to make him pant. Why don’t you write in and share your own techniques?

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