Want More From Life, From Him – How To Make A Guy Jealous?

We do come across that perfect man sometimes and then you just want to make him want you. You can, want and will do anything to make him jealous. It could be your ex or someone you have just met, jealousy plays a big role in relationships. So how to make a guy jealous?

Jealousy has broken and made many relationships. Time is very powerful and this includes the time you spend with him.If he is a person who looks forward to spending time with you, pretend to be busy and doing lot of stuff.Try to avoid him without reasoning.

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Some guys are possessive, while others are territorial. You should make him feel that you are getting away from the clutch of his hands. Make new boyfriends, flirt and date openly. Make him aware of your activities, this will act as fuel to fire.If you have any old boy friends, you could reopen them again. Make him aware that you are seeking. Your behavior should clarify that you need more attention and without that he may lose you soon.Make things a bit tough for him. Make him wait and do not be prompt in answering or returning his calls. Make it seem like you are not too bothered about it.

Get a new hairstyle and pay more attention to your looks. May be even a complete makeover. Be confident at all times and have fun even without him. Get him out of your focus, pay less attention to him.

Keep a bit of mystery around things, stop discussing or even telling everything with him. Dress up, behave and talk to make him crave you. Remember guys are visual creatures, appeal to his ego.

During arguments, let go and give up easily. It may surprise his ego and keep him thinking. Space it out, keep distance with him.

The psychology of men works this way – as long as you show interest in them, they will not show interest in you. They will continue to take you for granted unless you make changes in all your aspects including looks, behavior, attitude, talk and reaction.

Always take a lighter response to things he is serious about. A word of caution though – jealousy is a good slave as well as a good master. So be thoughtful and careful before you do anything. It could backfire easily. So draw the line yourself as to when you have to stop or giveup.

If it doesn’t work, may be he has just not noticed it the first time. He will the second time. It is in you, you do know how to make a guy jealous.

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