Understanding Men


There have been many books written on the subject of the differences between women and men, but still women find it difficult to comprehend how the men in their lives think. The fact is, men and women have different a make-up, and understanding men can be a mystery to women.

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Understanding Men: 5 Great Tips For Understanding Why Men Are So Different

When a man complains about a problem, he is looking for answers. A woman wants to talk about her problem to get understanding that she has the problem. She doesn’t want help with solving it; she just feels better sharing it.


1.When a man starts telling you about a problem.

ask him if he wants your advice. Before you tell him about your problem, tell him you just want to get it off your chest but you don’t need a solution.



2. Your man does not understand your definition of romantic, so you need to tell him.

Quietly tell him you would really love it if he occasionally sent you flowers or little surprise gifts or whatever you think is romantic. Don’t expect immediate results! Remember, do some the little romantic things for him.

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Most men think they are being romantic if they put their arm around you, remember your anniversary or buy you a new waste disposal for the kitchen. A woman has a very different idea about romance!



3. When you raise a new topic to a man, don’t expect him to say much about it.

Let him think about it and he will then be more communicative about the subject.

Men like to process new information in their mind before they discuss it. Women like to talk about a new topic to formulate how they feel about it.



4.  Don’t expect a man to talk to you as if he was a woman.

He uses fewer words per day than a woman does, and he may well have used them up already. If you want to chat, call a friend.

Men need to use fewer words than women. The evidence of this can be seen when male friends get together; they can sit for ages in silence. Women get together and chat about everything.

The way boys are brought up is gradually changing, but they are still encouraged to believe that emotions are a sign of weakness and being “un-manly”. Many men still keep their emotions and feelings closely guarded, and you can only guess what he might be feeling. Women are a more emotional being, and many believe it is healthier to express their emotions than keep them bottled up.



5. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a man doesn’t care just because he doesn’t show it.


Encourage the men close to you to talk about how they are feeling, but don’t expect them to be as outwardly emotional as a women.

Use these tips to help in the confusing issue of understanding men.

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