Things That Turn A Guy On

Things That Turn A Guy On

Be it a dating session or just another evening home with your husband, all girls what to know the things that turn a guy on. Some days you just wish you had a magic wond. In reality, there are a few tricks to this. While some are age old techniques, others seem to make you wicked.

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Things That Turn A Man On – Secret To A Man’s Heart

Be casual in your approach and flirt with him. Touch him even if it looks casual, you will never know you may have hit the right buttons.
Dressing, probably the most important factor which can turn on or off a guy. Wear clothes that hug your body shape and do not be shy to show some flesh.

You should capture him with your walk and look. Maintain eye contact, allow the brightness in them to suggest your feelings. Do not just talk, use the tone to express your feelings. Tone of language communicate more than mere words.

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Not all men are the same. While some respond to your clothes, others may not wake up until your touch. You may have to go beyond this for some and buy a sexy surprise gift he likes. So make an effort to know him and what he likes.

Some experts even suggest cooking him a hearty meal – the way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Oysters and garlic will add to the flame.

Visit a romantic place as a couple together. As human beings, we love to do what others do. Another way to please him is to wash his car for him. Make the atmosphere, a romantic celebration. Make sure you have some of his favorites waiting for him. Get his attention, focus his mind on you. The longer you retain his attention, the better for you.

If you have mutually consented, you always have the option of pills, movies and magazines. Dangerous positions and slangs work too. Check his mood and have a preliminary setup talk before you start manipulating, do not just go off at a tangent.

If he is too worked up or a busy man, try to make it a relaxed evening. Keep him away from his worries, temporarily atleast. A massage or a hot bubbly bath are common things that turn a guy on.

Guys love jokes and girls with a sense of humor. You could read up some jokes of his type and share with him later.  Remember the last occasion you had a good time and create a similar experience. You can only try, so why not the best.

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