Signs That He Likes You

Now that you have his attention, what are the signs that he likes you?

You finally meet a guy that you actually like and he seems like a normal human being compared to the creeps you have been running into lately…

He’s a little tough to read and you need to know if he is giving off signs that he likes you.

In order to do this you have to understand the mentality of a man and start to approach things from their perspective. Men are not that hard to understand, but there are a few things you have to look out for…

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Signs That He Likes You: Things To Notice

One of the first things to look at you are trying to figure out if he is interested is eye contact. This is going to come in two separate ways. If he is interested and confident, he will probably catch her gaze and hold it so that you know he is definitely into you. If he is shy, he was still catch her glance but his face will turn flush and he will look away.

That’s more of a sign that he’s embarrassed that he got caught than anything else, but you will quickly be able to tell if you find him sneaking another glance. That is a sure sign that you have caught his attention.

Look at his eyes -Now that you’ve caught his attention and are having a conversation with him you will want to notice if his eyes are wondering and he is leaning into you. If he is definitely interested you’ll keep his attention and he won’t be looking for his next target. Furthermore, as you’re talking to him he will tend to lean forward so that he can share space with you and feels very comfortable around you.

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He is trying to impress you -If you are talking to him and it seems as though he is over sensationalizing his life, it is more a sign that he is trying to impress you, not trying to deceive you. You may not think his normal life achievements are enough to keep your attention so he will start to enhance some of the stories and try to give you that wow factor that will sweep you off your feet.

He is touching you -Most men are not very touchy-feely. They’re not as likely to walk up and hug someone as a girl would be. If you notice during your conversation that he is touching your arm or hand when he is talking to you, he is definitely interested. This is a sign of possession as he is trying to let everyone around know that you are his. You have him right where you want him.

He is nervous -When you are looking for other signs that he likes you, pay particular attention to how he is acting around you. If he is showing signs of nervousness, it is because he is worried about the impression he is giving because he likes you. You may also notice him fidgeting with his clothes. In essence, he is making sure that he looks good because he is trying to impression. If you see that you know you’re in and you can make your move.

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