Signs of Male Attraction

Signs of Male Attraction

This page will teach you how to distinguish signs of male attraction to women! It does not take a brain surgeon to read the signs of male attraction to women. They are pretty primitive in their ways, but the great thing about it is that no matter their individual background, they all pretty much show their interest in the same manner. All it is going to take is a little attention to detail and you will be able to read them like a book.

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Signs of Male Attraction: Obvious things


Is he listening to you? -If you are hanging out with a guy and he is hanging on to your every word, he is interested. A normal man has the attention span of a gold fish if he doesn’t care about what he is hearing about. He may be shaking his head up and down and throwing in the obligatory “uh-huh” on occasion, but is he really listening? If you are getting quality input and not losing his gaze, you have him right where you want him. It’s pretty easy to tell if he is actually listening to you, just check for feedback and ask him about what you were talking about relating to his opinion regarding specific topics. If he was paying attention, then he would be able to answer you without a problem.

He is talking about you -Have you ever walked into a situation where you are meeting his friends for the first time and each and everyone of them tells you how much they have heard about you? Believe me, he isn’t talking about you because he wants to hide you, quite the opposite. He is talking about you because you make the sun set and rise as far as he is concerned and about as proud as a mountain lion when you are on his arm. If the friends know about you before you know about them, you are in.

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Does he get jealous? -Jealousy is a good thing in small doses. While nobody wants to be involved with a stalker, you do want him to be just a little curious who that guy was that you were talking to. I don’t care what any man says, anyone who claims they don’t get upset when there woman is talking to another man is a liar. Men are too primitive not to have the natural instinct to protect what is theirs. Him noticing other men interested in you is a sure fire sign that he wants you as his girl.

Does he want to look good for you? -Guys like to break chops, plain and simple. The best way to do that is to poke a little fun at him in front of his favorite girl. If he doesn’t care about her, he could care less what his buddies say so it isn’t any fun for them. The fact that he is getting a little embarrassed or upset is a sign that he doesn’t want that superman image you have in your head about him to be damaged.

These are but a few of the many tell tale signs of a man being interested in you. Learn them and live them and you will know right off the bat how interested your new mate is in you. If you want to learn more about signs of male attraction, why don’t you sign up to my 6 part dating mini course below? ^.^