Secrets To Attracting Guys

Secrets To Attracting Guys

Are you looking for the secrets¬†to attracting guys? We’ve got everything you’re looking for right here. These are the things you need to do if you want to draw all the guys to you!

Secrets To Attracting Guys: 5 Tips Revealed!


First, you’ve got to look amazing. Dress to impress… pick out a fashionable outfit that looks hot on you but that isn’t too trendy. You don’t have to be the thinnest girl in the club or in the best shape, but you’ve got to dress to bring out your best assets. Wearing red or pink also makes you look fresh and perky, and it’s always an attention-getter. Get a hot new haircut and wear some sexy makeup, and all the guys will want to be with you.

Second, you need to smell wonderful. Pick up a great new perfume to wear when you’re out on the town. It would be a great idea to take a guy friend along to test the scents… sometimes, what smells delicious to a girl isn’t something that turns a guy on. Pick a scent that smells like a yummy dessert cooking, like a delicious vanilla-smelling perfume. Guys are drawn to that home-cooking scent!


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The next thing is that you need to look totally approachable. When you’re around guys you want to attract, stand with your arms casually by your sides… don’t cross them. Make eye contact with people and smile… you want to look like you’re inviting someone to talk to you, not shutting them out. Don’t chew gum or your fingernails… you want to look calm and relaxed, not nervous. Guys are attracted to girls who look interesting and fun!

Ready for the fourth secret to attracting guys? Be the center of attention. If you start conversations, get people laughing, and gather a crowd of fun people around you, then all eyes will naturally be drawn to you. That includes the guys you’re trying to attract! Popular, charismatic people are like planets… they draw other people in like gravity. Make your smile, humor, and charm work for you!


The final secret for attracting guys to you? Get the confidence going! Confident, in-charge women are sexy. Men are always drawn to women who look great, feel great, and know they’re worthy of attention. If you’re not sure if guys should be attracted to you, then guess what? They won’t be! You’ve got to convince yourself that you’re worthy of catching an amazing guy and getting tons of attention from men. When you feel that way about yourself, you’ll project that aura of confidence and be able to attract guys.


These 5 secrets for attracting guys should bring them in to you with no problem! Now, go out and get a great guy!

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