How to Make a Guy Like You

How to Make a Guy Like You

Hello ladies, today I was lucky enough to ask one of my close male friends How To Make A Guy Like You.I mean, after all, what better way to learn what men want than to ask a man? Here’s his answer:

Guys want much the same as women want.

We want someone that can be our partner, someone to confide in, someone we can trust and have fun with. But the ladies who are wondering, I have made a list of the top things a guy really looks for in a girl.

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How To Make A Guy Like You: Helpful Hints

First, forget about making anyone like you. You can’t and you shouldn’t try; a man who requires you to be someone or something you’re not is not worth your time. You should be looking for someone who will like (eventually love?) you as you are. So be yourself and have fun. Put yourself out there. Think about what you are passionate about and do it. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you will find men that have similar interests to you. Sure you can find someone who looks good going to a bar, but will there be any substance to the relationship? Without common interests how will you sustain a meaningful connection?

To be respected, you have to respect yourself. I’ve known women in the past that fished for compliments by putting themselves down. No man wants to hear the negatives about you. What happens is you start to convince us that you aren’t worth our time and effort. Sure, everyone needs a pick-me-up once in a while, but would you really want a guy who always told you that you deserved better? Eventually, you’ll start to believe him and the same goes for us.

Try to give us space, sometimes. We need to go out and just chill with the guys, the same way you need to hang out with your friends. One of the quickest ways to derail a relationship is to become clingy. Remember that familiarity breeds contempt, so make sure to take time away from each other.

Finally, you should hold back on giving sex away too easily.It’s unfortunate that this double standard still exists, but if you let him see you as easy he’s as good as lost. Oh, he may stick around for a while, but chances are that it’ll be in a friends-with-benefits role more than a boyfriend. I know a lot of guys deny this, but what do you think their intentions are when telling you that? That doesn’t mean wait for marriage, just make sure he’s there for you and not your body.

I hope this has helped you learn how to make a guy like you. These tips can be boiled down to one point: love and respect yourself. When you feel good about who you are you draw good people to you; people that are worth your love and time.

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