Clues That He Likes You

Clues That He Likes You

Have you gone that extra mile to leave an impression in his mind? Do you feel like getting into his mind to know what he really feels about you? How do you find out without popping the big question? There are many clues you could look for to check if he likes you.

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Clues That He Likes You:


How To Tell Its is said the body speaks, even when you are quite. Body language overrules speech. Men are not designed to hide their feelings for long and they tend to be frank while expressing themselves.Firstly, men are pioneers of making the first move. So be prepared for it. Be open to his signals, like flowers or a missed call.

Watch him and his eyes. You may be unknowingly getting extra attention from his side. Raised eyes brows definitely mean a ‘yes’. He may show a lot of excitement on seeing you, keep track of his eye movements.

He is always smiling with you and laughs more than usual when he is with you. If you have known him long or on a few occasions, you will be able to distinguish his behavior if you pay attention.Watch the positioning of his body, while sitting or chatting, it should be towards you even in a group. While sitting, he may tend to move his body towards you like he wants to be close to you and not miss a single word of yours.

He may try to stand out in a party or just be away from his friends to give you the opportunity. He may try to help you or show that he wants to care for you in his gestures and deeds. Some men get territorial with their girls.


He may seem to have a sign on him saying -available for you any time, all the time. He may check his hair or clothing just before seeing you. You may come across him having conversations with your friends.

If you do not succumb to his emotions or respond to his hidden words in the first go, the guy who wants you will try again. He will not let go, he only tries with a different attitude, more harder.

Give him a chance and if he flirts with you, you have your answer. He will certainly touch you or try to and this is a give away.


The most basic philosophy is – if you are interested in him too, its easy to spot them coming your way, clues that he likes you. If both your frequencies match, they will certainly meet.

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